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The best of both worlds: Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue Sod

Growing the greenest grass starts with choose the right variety of turf, and since Alberta faces extremely cold winters and hot, dry summers opting for a kentucky bluegrass-fescue blend maximizes the success rate of long-term beautiful lawn.

Kentucky Bluegrass is soft and vibrant with a signature bluish-green tint. Highly tolerant to cold, it's a prime choice for areas that experience frigid winters. However, kentucky bluegrass is high-maintenance, requiring above-average amounts of water due to it's shallow root systems. While it's one of the sofest types of grass out there, it's more susceptible to being trampled and is not ideal for high-traffic lawns.

Tall fescue is a bit rough under bare feet, but it's low-maintenance and extremely hardy. It has a deep root system, making it extremely resilient againsts droughts and damage and requires average water intake. Tall fescue also has a high heat tolerance and moderate shade tolerance, making it a great choice for lawns in hotter climates that don't always receive full sun.

When joining these two grass types together you receive the soft deep blue appeal of kentucky bluegrass, but also a lawn that is drought and cold tolerant and resilient thanks to the tall fescue.

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